What’s a Greeter?

Greeters are primarily people who love their city and want to help visitors discover the little or unknown aspects of it.

Greeters take you to special places that have a personal meaning to them. Their goal is not to compete with tour guides, but rather to provide a different kind of tour in addition to the guided tours that already exist.

This approach, based on volunteering, is part of the idea of being an “ambassador of one’s city” that the Tourist Office wishes to convey, meaning that the people are involved in the cultural enrichment and the positive image of the city.

Today, in a world where the words “tips, sharing and trust” are exactly what people are looking for, the Chartres Greeters network initiated by the Tourist Office of Chartres enters the era of “collaborative economy”.

Walks are carried out by an adult in groups of 1 to 6 people.

The greeter may be accompanied by friends or family and the outings are based on themes according to his/her tastes and interests and the number of visitors.

The Greeters Charter

A Greeters Charter was signed by each greeter in order to meet your satisfaction for each visit and respect the core values of our network.

Greeters core values

We follow, in Chartres, the Greeters Core Values defined internationally.