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About Florence

“Ecology is a topic that is particularly important to me and allows me to find a balance in life, so I invite you to share this view of life with me that invigorates our daily lives. Fascinated by culture in general, travelling and discoveries of all kinds, I never miss an opportunity to learn or meet new people.

Finally, I would love to welcome tourists from all over the world in order to perfect my English.”

Open and spontaneous, Florence offers a friendly encounter, a pleasant break in your daily routine via a guided and interactive outing in our beautiful city of Chartres, through sites relatively unknown to the general public.

With Florence, you will know everything there is to know about the architecture in Chartres!


  • Charm and tradition
  • Heritage
  • Leisurely walks
  • Shopping
  • Unusual visits

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I moved to Chartres 6 years ago, and while walking around the city, I was surprised to discover a bright and vibrant town, well beyond the famous cathedral, as impressive as it is! I will be more than happy to take you around depending on your interests to discover the...


Arnaud will introduce you to the city through his love of nature... and theatre. He also loves taking pictures and will lead you through the city, pointing out great photo spots.


Jean-Maurice loves meeting new people and has many interests. He will invite you to play a game of chess, which will be an opportunity for him and for you to talk about Chartres, the stained glass windows and the Chemin de Mémoire.


Evelyne will introduce you to Chartres with energy and passion. She will take you beyond the cathedral and guide you through the small medieval streets, discovering churches and traditional houses. If you want to continue walking, she will be more than happy to take you on a pleasant walk along...


With Alain, you can choose to discover the city by bike from the cathedral to the edges of the Eure. Are you just as motivated as Alain? You can certainly extend your bike ride to the Beauceron plateau where you will find just the right light to photograph the beautiful...


Morgane will show you all the sides of a future-oriented city full of history. "I’d be happy to show you “my” city of Chartres, one where my high school was an old abbey. Not too many people can say that they “went to high school in an abbey."


Daniel is curious and in love with his region, he can take you to explore the area of the Beauce as well as the historic districts of Chartres where he lived. Do you want to know more about the vines in Chartres? Daniel will tell you all about them.


Liliane is a romantic who will love to take you for a walk along the banks of the Eure to discover the ramparts. You can also accompany her for a walk outside the city centre, looking for stunning views of the cathedral.


Dominique is passionate about his city and takes you on a journey through Chartres full of interesting anecdotes and why not music, as Dominique is also an equally passionate amateur guitarist.


With Hubert, you will walk in the lower city, along the banks of the Eure. He and his cheerfulness will take you to discover the activities of this area in the olden days. Passionate about photography, Hubert can direct you to some nice places to take beautiful and unique pictures...